Housing Is Worst Since Wwii

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  1. I guess nobody gives a shite
  2. Naz is up 2.5%, we don't have to! lol
  3. buy a big screen TV and live in the cardboard.
  4. lindq


    LOL. Wonderful concept.

    But if the box held a flat screen, you'd be a little cramped, eh?
  5. the TV must stay outdoors.

    i predict the rise in sales of those hardy weather-proof TVs.

    and, naturally, the cardboard will be weather-proof as well. the world as we know it is about the change
  6. If the number of new construction is same as 1945 but the population went up 5-6 times, what does this tell you?
  7. the government will increase the dose of fluoride in the water 4-fold and the problem with housing will go away eventually
  8. The current number of new construction probably tells me that the pace of new construction over the past 10, 20 years was excessive to then current demand. Creating and maintaining artificially low interest rates to stimulate demand at the cost of future demand played its part as well.

    I guess I simply don't understand your statement.
  9. Well, blame me for the thread derail:
    I used to agree with this. But then I realized that I grew up drinking fluoridated water right out of the garden hose, my mom gave me fluoride toothpaste to use as soon I was old enough to hold a toothbrush (none of this candy-flavored fluoride-free "starter toothpaste" shit they have nowadays) plus I still have the good ole fashioned mercury amalgam fillings from my earliest post milk teeth days. And I am in the top 1% of most healthy, most intelligent, most creative, most authority questioning people I have ever met.
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