housing / finance in worse shape than I thought

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Poole, Nov 17, 2007.

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    don't get me wrong, im actually a housing bull long term, because I think inflation is going to make everything more expensive including housing


    this graph i stumbled upon is troubling

    looks like real estate and the financials are going to be hurting till 2012, much longer than I thought

    of course I am making the assumption that a lot of the subprime and option arms and alt-As are going to default (which may or may not be true)

  2. I hope you scrolled down to check out the video of the day. I was laughing hysterically.
  3. Poole


    hah no i didnt see it till u pointed it out

    the guy who does the funny vid can actually sing too
  4. ^ LMAO!!
  5. My favorite fed has always been Bill Poole.

    An enemy of Cramer is my friend.
  6. menstrual stem cell ad was the kicker...

  7. Poole


    ah dude i missed that too


    now i went to look at it hahaha

    "C'elle's exclusive and revolutionary service provides women with the unique opportunity to collect and preserve vital stem cells that can be harvested from the body's menstrual fluid during the menstrual cycle. Until now, menstrual blood has typically been discarded as unsanitary waste. However, exciting new research shows that menstrual fluid contains, self-renewing stem cells that can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for potential cellular therapies that may emerge in the future."

    lol thats so nasty!!!

    I bet once the tampons arrive at the facility each month, they just throw them in the trash too

    all for $999 a month, hell, anyone here on ET want to open a similar business with me?
  8. Quite tempting but...no.LOL