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  1. I have a beautiful Hindu Roap Plant that is probably 6 feet long, about 10 yrs old. It has developed this white bug that I am spraying rubbing alcohol on to kill. Does anybody know of any other remedies??? Thanks in advance.
  2. An actual bug, like a thrip, or a fungus/mildew thing?

    Actual bugs, some people swear by clove oil and/or garlic concoctions, but almost any pyrethrum based sprays would probably be more reliable, less mess to.

    Wouldnt rubbing alcohol mess the plant up?
  3. is it the mealy bug? looks like tiny bits of cotton.

    spraying with alcohol works well. if it's not working, don't dilute w/ water. it won't kill the plant either
  4. yeah I've been using the alcohol, it looks like mealy worm but it hasn't spread to any other plants in the area. I may end up cutting off some and starting a new one. Thanks guys
  5. Perhaps a massage oil would be more soothing.
  6. It's always good to dilute the alcohol to see if the plant can handle it. Hindu roap plants are extremely hardy though, the infestation is horrible. It's a beautiful plant and about ten years old but I think it may be time to go start a new one.
  7. :D Maybe some La Traviata playing in the backround-they might doze off, you could sneak up and bash them with a teeny tiny hammer while they were vulnerable:D

    *Ahem*, it doesnt sound like the alcohol is working so great though? Is it actually killing them? Logically, i would think it should, but white oil is highly recommended.
    Suffocates 'em. Hehe.
    You could always make millions of teeny tiny pillows, and...........
  8. if it's the mealy bug then alcohol will definitely kill them. increase the % until it does. try 91% or 100% rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol, which will dissolve them.
  9. If alcohol does not help, next try putting plant outside if it is warm where you live. There are predators of the mealybug, and they will eat the mealybug off your plant.
  10. haha thnaks for the funny responses guys! made my day. I'm in Wyoming way to cold to leave outside! I appreciate all the responses
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