House to vote on whether to consider articles of impeachment for Trump

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  3. The move, forced by Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), who used a procedural mechanism that required action within two days, is unlikely to succeed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long opposed efforts to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Trump and confirmed she would not support Green’s resolution.

    “No I don’t,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday when asked about Green’s effort. “Does that come as a surprise?” she added with laughter.

    Green, cited Trump’s recent racist tweets against four Democratic congresswomen as the impetus for his effort to force the issue.

    “It is time for us to send the president a clear message that he is not above the law,” Green said from the House floor Wednesday morning.

    Sadly stupid tweets are not cause for impeachment and trying to get it done in this matter is just setting up for all kinds of failure. Pelosi does not want impeachment because the basis for it are quite murky and unclear and as any good lawyer knows, you don't go to trial with a bucket full of shit.
  4. Howd that work out for ya tards?

    So, mueller coming up, whenever he is scheduled to appear now. So that'll be another hissy fit and another impeachment attempt.

    Beautiful. Pussies gotta do what pussies gotta do.
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    There's nothing Murky about Trump's obstruction as described in the Mueller report. She just refuses to take the L because a bunch of criminals in the Senate will protect their own, so she takes the criminal route herself of aiding and abetting.
  6. I was referring to Green declaring the impetus for impeachment moving forward was Trump's tweets. Impeachment is a Kobiyashi Maru for Dems
  7. So, any moving vans spotted outside the white house today after the big, ballsy impeachment vote?

    Idiots. Pelosi has lost total control of the party and so have the candidates.
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    Trying to impeachment a president that has close to 50% approval is a special kind of stupid. Lucky for the Dems, and the country, Pelosi knows better. Nixon resigned because he knew he had lost the support of his fellow GOP and his approval ratings were in the mid 20's. He would have been impeached.
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    Lawfulness isn't a popularity contest
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