House to vote on "In God We Trust" motto

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  1. House to vote on "In God We Trust" motto

    The Republican-led House will vote today on whether to reaffirm "In God We Trust" as the nation's motto.

    While the issue may seem non-controversial, the bill to reaffirm the motto may not pass because Democrats say the vote is a waste of time, and today's "fast-track" vote will require the approval of two-thirds of the House. The bill's Republican sponsor says it is needed to stop a "disturbing trend" of dismissing the motto.

    Today's House vote will "directly confront a disturbing trend of inaccuracies and omissions, misunderstandings of church and state, rogue court challenges, and efforts to remove God from the public domain by unelected bureaucrats," Rep. J. Randy Forbes, R-Va., said in a statement. "As our nation faces challenging times, it is appropriate for Members of Congress and our nation--like our predecessors--to firmly declare our trust in God, believing that it will sustain us for generations to come."
  2. I agree with the republicans this is really important right now
  3. "Firmly declare" and that is as far as it will go with these elected shysters and charlatans.
  4. Well you have to remember...we have an idiot like Obama who doesnt even know the national motto and is telling other countries that our motto is E pluribus unum.

    Obviously we needed to reaffirm when our own leader doesnt even know something that every 1st grader in this country knows. (but then again, I guess he didnt go to first grade in this country, did he?)
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    A do-nothing Republican Congress on steroids. Is anybody really surprised by this? I'm not.
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    E pluribus unum was the motto proposed by the Founding Fathers. It served perfectly well until a theocratic minority in the commie-obsessed Fifties decided to violate the First Amendment of our Constitution by asserting "In God We Trust" should be the motto. Obama was trying to reinsert some sanity rather than promote the theocratic horsecrap of the right. I understand that you don't agree.
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    Amen, so be it. It passed.
    I hope that does not offend Muslims;
    but like Jay Seculow says, the 1st ammendment is designed to protect offensive speech................................:cool:

    This is not an anti-Muslim post;
    especially since so many of them are converting to Christianity:cool:
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    WTF! Why in the world would Muslims be offended by "In God We Trust"? Do you know anything at all about Islam or do you just routinely shoot from the ass?

    Long overdue:

    turtlebrain >> ignore
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    He's probably telling them our national language is American too. :D
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    Why wouldn't it? EVERYTHING else offends them.
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