House report blames Corzine for collapse of MF Global

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    ----House report blames Corzine for collapse of MF Global---

    if i understand english correctly the titles says opposite

    ---Corzine Tried To Save MF Global, Didn't Cause Collapse, Spokesman Says--

    but we all know the bottom one will be prosecuted or punished.. that's how the justice works today for those who robbing you for millions or more..if you rob a bank for few thousands-life time..for billion? nothing..all you got-BLAME :p

    make sure you are not going it alone,like madoff and that's about it..
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    I screwed up, I was reading 3 different stories on the subject and posted one title with another story. Here's the story that goes with the title but it says pretty much the same thing.

    And the spokesman referred to in that title was Corzine's. "Corzine himself has not yet seen the report, but responded to some of the comments from the House Republicans through a spokesman"
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    From the first referenced article:

    "When MF Global’s chief risk officer disagreed with Corzine about the size of the company’s European bond portfolio, Corzine directed him to report to [COO and former Corzine chief of staff Bradley] Abelow rather than to MF Global’s board of directors"

    That is pretty classic perp behavior. If you read about these amazing ponzi schemes that have come to light recently you will always see that the perp doesn't let anybody else see the actual books. Seemingly, Corzine was trying to keep it all covered up in hopes that it would blow over and that is very unethical.

    It amazes me that money can be "missing" though.. what, it got transferred out and there is no record of what bank or account it went to? People converted it to cash and drove off with it?