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    I've just watched a TV programme here in the UK about brits who move abroad to live and the cost of the houses they buy in various countries.

    I was surprised what I could buy in Florida if I sold my house and used the proceeds to buy a house there.

    £100000 buys a big roomy detached, swimming pool etc.
    One particular town, Celebration?, has it's own police force and a book of rules re cutting grass etc. Nonetheless the houses were big detached and roomy.

    One can only assume that first time buyers have no great problems getting on the property ladder, unlike over here.

    Apart from Bush you guys have a nice country.:)
  2. We have the best country on this for your bush comments why don't you just zip your pie hole...At least he's not afraid to take a stand and get the job done.

    Are you still upset that we forced you out 200 years ago?

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    Apart from Bush and mschey:p
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    Celebration is a town built and operated by Disney. Its very expensive and from what I understand you don't get much for your money. There's not much of a business district there either so unless you work for Disney or telecommute or trade or what have you, its difficult to earn income.

    And it is quite difficult for first time home buyers considering they don't have the huge equity to take out of a sold home. In cities where you can make a living, owning a home on a single income is almost a pipe dream. Even two income families are stretched to the limit with these prices.
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    Celebration is just outside of Orlando and I believe it is owned by Disney. I'm sure you could get a good deal inland in Florida. Living near the water is another story.
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    Toby this is for you.
  7. One thing about living in FL, one good hurricane and its all gone. No house, nothing.

    Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.
  8. Cost of living varies widely across the US... don't take a housing
    price at face value -- is there a state tax on income? what is
    the property tax rate (in some states it is very high)? what are
    average wages like in the area? what is the quality of life in
    the area (wal-mart and mcdonalds vs. upscale shopping malls
    and gourmet bistros)? the weather? there are tons of

    I think you'll find that the most desirable places to live --
    *anywhere* in the US are way way beyond 100000 pounds.


  9. LOL would you rather be in Kansas with the tornado's?
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    Thanks to those of you who have replied in such an adult manner. It's great to hear from people with knowledge of their economy and culture.

    My first thought was how cheap and available houses were. Your replies have certainly put things into perspective.

    Once again thanks.
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