House Prices....7 Years To The Bottom ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. They might stop the housing decline sooner via monetary carpet-bombing.... but a bad inflation problem and severe $USD damage will be the result.
  2. So true....when they start the "monetary carpet bombing" there will be very little likelihood that they have established a base value for housing.

    The housing debacle simply has to run its course in the market place....a moratorium of 3 years on housing permits would be a beginning.

    Putting that aside, I have a gut feeling the government is going to basically "rig" the stock market after they have nationlized the banks. A bank's balance sheet cannot be trusted as they are all technically bankrupt and there is no way that they can establish true values to their portfolios.

    The European financial system is rotten to the core and that will keep the US dollar as the currency of last resort (for what that is worth:( )

    My immediate concern is who is going to finance the US debt in the future. It is not likely to be China.
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    "The housing debacle simply has to run its course in the market place....a moratorium of 3 years on housing permits would be a beginning."

    typical left wing nonsense . if there is an area of the country where builders want to build let them build
  4. A big part of "the housing problem" is that house prices are much too high vs. incomes to afford them. Therefore, either housing prices need to come down to affordability vs. incomes, or incomes need to rise sharply to be able to afford current home prices.

    Messy and difficult either way.

    Not likely incomes are going to get a dramatic rise unless boosted by high inflation.

    Yet, Gummint wants to stop housing prices from falling for all the obvious reasons.

    IMV, the most likely resolution is that assets.. housing and stock market... fall until there is perceived value.
  5. Can't stop them from building if there is financing, but unless there is a ready market for homes, building more only adds to the "supply problem" and depresses prices.
  6. I suppose I could have phrased that better than I did....the "moratorium" of housing permits would allow the excesses of the market to be gradually absorbed.

    If builders feel there is a market in which they can build ;more power to them....there will always be the exceptions.

    The closest thing to me being "left wing" is that I am left handed:D
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    above is contradictory. are you for or against a moratorium.
    i am not sure if you know what the philosophy of the left is.
  8. No, I am not for a moratorium.

    As for your other comment...get a grip:mad: