House Members Get Flooded With Calls Supporting Bailout Plan

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Sep 30, 2008.

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    I wouldn't be surprised
  3. Well after todays big rally they will be calling saying screw wall steet my account recovered.

    Gosh I wish this crap was over. So they pass some sort of bill. The cost of credit will be so high it won't be worth the risk.

    There is no way with a new prez comming into office that the market is going to start a new bull run. That won't happen till 2010-2011, Just ask Potter.
  4. Does this make sense.

    The market tanked yesterday because investors thought that they would pass the bill.

    Today it rallied because it failed.:D
  5. fuck this Bullshit man.

    pass the fucking bill or say you wont do so.

    this shit is ruining my trading
  6. Yesterday, we proudly stuck to our guns... until we got home and found out the market tanked.

    Last night and this morning before the market was up big, we surrendered our guns... and wailed to our congressmen to "pass SOME kind of bill NOW.. to save the stock market"...

    If this story is correct, it assures there will be some kind of bill... and sooner rather than a [more thoughtful] later. I hope it comes with plenty of Vaseline.

    Our conviction is rather shallow. And it's sure to cost us in the long run..
  7. I repeatedly tried to e-mail my representative yesterday and about my opinion regarding his "Nay" vote on the bill, and I could never get a message through. The House's e-mail system kept coming back with a message saying that it had been overwhelmed by messages and to try later.
  8. Could yesterday's drop be categorized as possible financial terrorism?

    Wall street doesn't get what they want, so they tank the market...knowing there are no short sellers to support it.

    And now average American are scared that we lost 1.2 trillion in ONE DAY.


    Now I am really curious how hard the market will tank after the scam/bill is passed.

    Maybe we should pass it just to make things interesting...
  9. A guy who has been here for 6 years and today posts his 8th post, I may listen to.
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    the guy broke a five year silence to post about the bailout. man thats how controversial this is!
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