House Ethics Panel Announces Charges Against Democrat Maxine Waters.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Aug 2, 2010.

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    stupid people like her don't understand ethics.. she is such a moron, all she knows how to do is fan the flames of racism and civil disobedience...

    Right now we have $1 million in unfunded liabilities per taxpayer, the gov is already printing like mad... some thinks that alone spells inflation. I think so too but probably not until about 2025-2035 time period, which means the unfunded liabilities will grow.. but when it hits, there will not be any resource to feed the masses that depend on the gov, maybe some C5's flying over and dropping emergency rations or something, otherwise we will get to see them starve, live on TV... and most of the "can't do the math" crowd that engineered all this garbage will be dead too... I guess they plan for the next gen to take over and install socialism in that crisis but they are going to have to compete with warlords and I'd bet on the warlords...
  3. MSNBC is already one step away from calling this racism:

  4. The Democrat summer of corruption.
  5. It is all political calculus. Dems figure they better take care of her and Rangle now, and try to seat another Dem in Nov, rather than have their opponent air the dirt at election time and guarantee a loss.
  6. LOL...yet a "black caucus" is not?
  7. Maxine Waters was one of the driving forces behind the '92 LA riot and she should be shot by firing squad after being drawn and quartered. However, be careful of the devil you know verses the devil you don't. California's 35th district could elect some very militant kook to represent them.

    Waters is now compromised and that could be used very effectively against her.
  8. Maybe Brother Ted can make some headway against her. Don't know that much about him, but I like his stance on illegal immigration.