House Democrat Hostage Takers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tom B, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Tom B

    Tom B

    The Senate passed a bipartisan tax bill yesterday by a margin of 81 - 19. The majority of Senate Republicans and Democrats, as well as President Obama agreed to the tax bill. The question that remains is:

    How long will House Democrats hold the bill and the American people hostage?

    If this legislation goes down in defeat, then the House Democrats will be 100% responsible for taxes increasing on January 1st.
  2. For to long the USA has thought globally but taxed locally,no more, today we will add a 3% vat to the europeans vat,,this will allow the USA to continue protecting them and a 2% vat for those in asia. No reason Americans should shoulder the burden of 140 billion pr yr to protect europe and 105 billion pr yr to protect our allies from Australia to Japan.
    Further, every american owes 50k to pay off the debts the politicians have stuck on us,,so every illegal who can pay off 50k for a "Get USA out of debt program" will qualify to become a real american. Reduce Death tax to 50k for everyone,,after that nothing owed. Hey we elected these yahoos,,so we all gotta pay.
  3. Today is the 16th So that equalls 15 more days of Grandstanding. Is this not apparent?