House Approves Borrowing or Printing Another 2 Billion for Cash For Clunkers

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. FDR did the same with milk during the 30's.

    They trew it down the sewer to prop up prices.

    Didnt work I believe.
  2. S2007S


    This is great for people people who thought they missed out, the dealerships are going to be HELLLLLA busy these next few weeks as those who couldn't afford a new car begin to grab this awesome deal.

    Just to make it clear, the tax credit for new home buyers is up in november, I have this feeling that they are going to extend this into the middle of 2010.
  3. Don't give them any ideas about starting another war.

    The car manufacturers will be better served by building energy efficient products in solar, wind, battery and other alternative energy devices. Instead of being followers, they could be leaders in the field of alternative energy.
  4. MattF


    few weeks?!!?

    If they're lucky this money'll get them through

    Right now some dealerships (that are honest enough) are telling customers that rebates from here on out are dependent on government approval.

    Considering the Senate won't vote on this until next week, right now as usual, the consumer is taking the risk whether or not the rebate will go through.

    What happens if it doesn't? Return the car for you money back? :p