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  1. I'm just curious to find out how many traders out there spend the whole day trading. I know alot of people trade only the morning and the afternoon, but avoid midday. Curious to why that is, besides that midday could be boring, but there are trading opps. I know, when the market was awesome, I would call it a day by 12, cause I made all the money I needed by that time. But these days you have to be there all day long. I wish in the good old times I stayed all day, and squeezed out what I could, that's why even when the market got really good in July, I stayed and traded all day. Now I know, get everything you can out of the market, cause if we keep going lower, there might not be a market to make money in. But I doubt that, even after the 1929 bear market, we eventualy went back up. Any opinions.
  2. I think it depends how you trade.

    My style of trading (SAR, momentum) lunchtime gets pretty dicey and expensive.

    However, that being said, 1 or 2 days per week the best move of the day sets up at lunchtime and I try to be there sitting on my hands waiting to capitalize.

    It seems that on the days when the good setup for a long run in a direction (double top, h & S, etc.) that is usually the day i'm out to lunch...:mad:

    I take full responsibility.

  3. Mostly trade in the morning and afternoon. Of course if the market is ripping around (like JULY) I will trade all day. But today for example, the volume and participation is too light for me. If I am around I will look for opportunities, but most of the time I go get a late breakfast. (Pacific trader)
  4. Yeh, recently the good up moves have setup during lunch, that's why I've avoided getting away from my computer for more then a few minutes to get something to eat. These days you just never know when the big moves up or down are gonna come. It's not as clear cut as it used to be.
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    If I have a good day, I am done by 8:30 sometimes (pacific).
  6. i watch the market all day, and don't hesitate to take trades during the middle of the day. it's just that my setups occur with less frequency during the lunch period. but it still requires me to be there watching.

    if i do take a break during the day it's at lunch time.. but i really try hard not to need to..
  7. Today was a great example of a market that moved during lunch. We got a great rally, and plenty of money was to be made. But most of the traders that I know missed it, cause they were out to lunch, or just napping.