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    How many of you out there use hourly bars as your primary chart? Of course for very short term trading you would need to use a much shorter time frame. For longer term day trades and overnite trades, I think they are great.
  2. What are you trading?

    Please post some of your charts with entry and exit.

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    I use hourly bars. Then I do not have to sit in front of computer all day. Usuall about 10 minutes every hour.

  4. riley


    I trade the Russell 2000 which does not have as much movement during the day as the SP and NAZ, so the longer term chart keeps me from getting chopped up. Once I figure out how to post my chart, I will be happy to do so.
  5. what is the symbol for the russell 2000.
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    for TradeStation users, the continuous contract symbol is @er2. The futures contract symbol is ER2Z03
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    I don.t know how to post a chart here, but I can tell you that I use two charts. Both have hourly bars and Bollinger bands. One has exponential moving averages(7 and 26) and the other has 2 Jurik moving averages(6 and 10). If you just go with the cross of the 7 and 26, you will be a little late on the entry and exit, but you will stay in quite a while. The Jurik averages are faster so I get the signals sooner.
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    Sorry---I did not mention that on my charts, I use symbol @ER2.D---this only gives me the trades during the regular market hours.
  9. What software are you using the Jurik add on with?
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    I use TradeStation 7
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