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  1. For the last few days I've been using this new feature on Realtick called seems like a good filter/alert system
    I checked the website, but it didn't seem to offer much info about it. I know Townsend bought it, so I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any prolonged experience with it.
  2. But I cannot for the life of me make any sense out of it or figure out how we are supposed to use it!!

    Why Townsend would release it without any tutorials or support is beyond me. THere is nothing on it anywhere that I can find!
  3. well what it does is just show stocks that are behaving in a strange way....
    if you open it up from the webbrowser tab in Realtick, theres a tab that says "help"-it'll show you what all the symbols mean

    and the page updates everytime a new stock starts trending on heavy vol, or big price swing etc
    sometimes it puts up penny stox (which i don't touch) but sometimes it alerts to something good
    the best one today was (TERN), about 10 minutes after it showed up with a red block the stock just started nose diving
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    You don't actually need to use it in the web browser. You can pull it up on a chain and drop it into a minder and it will list the symbols and update faster than the web browser version. Also, you can sort the minder by volume, price, change from open, or whatever, to filter out penny stocks or thin lizzies. This method doesn't give the nice visuals that the browser version does, but if you know what you are looking for it can alert you pretty fast to high-probability scenarios. I don't use it (I use Oz's scanner), but that's where you find it -- right underneath Oz's scans in TAL Chains. There's one for "NYSE Hottrend" and one for "Nasdaq Hottrend." They are the last two on the chain list.

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    Ok, so after the chat session on Hottrend, is anyone making money using it?