Hotties leaving CNBC - Why ?

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    I had read somewhere (here I think) that CNBC is losing a lot of money. They are cutting costs. It's possible they are reducing anchors and making it more difficult for them to do their jobs.
  3. Thank goodness Cramer and Bob Pisani are still there!

    Or I wouldn't even bother.
  4. Interestingly, other than Ratigan, I think most of those that left were on the low end of the pay scale. Pisani, Bartiromo, Cronen, Leesman, etc. all gotta be way up there in pay. No wonder they're losing money: letting their hi quality/low pay staff go, keeping the opposite.
  5. Bloomberg has become a joke too. Those women on in the AM are awful.

    CNBC Asia, European Squawk box are still good.
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    I was about to write the same. Bloomberg has become what CNBC was years ago, which is still pretty bad, but CNBC is beyond words now.

    The European and Asian channels have remained relatively intact.
  7. With respect... where have you been for the last 8 years? NBC is a laughable charlatan-run of a former GE company.

    Cramer once got 68,000 viewers (yes you read that correctly) at 11p not too long ago... that's next to O'Reilly who's averaging 8 million per night in a normal week. This isn't like a Bush election where it's 49/51... NBC's ratings are embarrassingly low across the board. The only show NBC has that has ANY ratings is Rachael Maddow... the rest just suck! Goes to show how excellent of a company Fox is... Rupert knows his business better than any of the self proclaimed experts. Fox Universal even has Glee.

    While I only care to watch MSNBC up to noon EST, FBN isn't really any better with their black and red.

    100% with you. And who's that dopey professor wanttobe with women's eyebrows? :confused:
  8. Wow, the conservative republicans are in huge trouble if this is true.
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    I disagree on the content. Also on the women too.
    Bloomberg has good content. It's not "hype-y" and the people don't talk over eachother. They don't have the super guests but they also don't have bozo's who are just brokers.

    Bloomberg women are nice, but I think that's because I have been watching to much CNBC and Bloomberg is a change of scenery for me.
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