Hottest IPO in 2008?

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  1. In 2007 we saw VMW, JASO and YGE head the top of the IPO list.

    Anyone what to venture a guess on Top IPOs of 2008? We will track the results throughout the year. Here is my list...

    VISA - can't loose with this one.
    AOL spinoff (called Platform A) - if they go public, it should be hot.
    Nanosolar - rumoured to perhaps go public in Q4, nice buzz!

    China is always good for a Winner. Nail me to the wall if I'm wrong, but any virtualization IPO should be a money maker....
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    Check out N. Up over 36% today.
  3. That was a surprise. Larry Ellison is having a VERY NICE X-Mas!! :)

  4. Citadel?
  5. I'd like a Citadel IPO for many reasons:

    1. Ken Griffin, the CEO, is a genius. But, you need more than that for a blockbuster IPO.

    2. Investment in eTrade shows that they are able to think outside the box and manage risk.

    3. This IPO could have a tech spin because of the Intellectual Property the company holds with in-house software which analyzes trades.

    This could be a real WINNER!! :D

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    Just sold 5000 shares of N for a nice profit of $85,000.
  7. Congratulations! I noticed it broke $40 at the open. Very nice return!! Will you go back in if it dips?

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    I will get in again if the price of N comes down to 35.
  9. Is that Nanosolar the guys who are photo imaging the solar panels or something like that... it's an ultra thin print of some sort-- if that's the same co... there's a lot of tech geek buzz about the solution to getting solar costs down... ~ stoney
  10. Yes. Those guys. Sounds like you know quite a bit about the company. Most people only know that Sergey Brin and Larry Page were early investors.

    Also, they just beat out FSLR and GE for a $20 M government contract.

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