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  1. Hi,

    somebody out there who knows

    seems to be very interesting....

    thank you for your answers.

  2. an extremely advanced site, for foreign exchange trading. The only one of its kind.

  3. this is a very good site for fx commentary. I am dubious of all these fx trading sites for actual trading. unless you have an independent quote system, you are trading with them off their prices. what do you do if there is a screw-up or a dispute on a fill? what happens to your money if they go bankrupt or someone defaults on an order? I'm not singling out this site. I know nothing about them, and for all I know they could be rock solid. There are just a lot of issues that you don't have to worry about if you trade currency futures.
  4. wild


    check too

    but i agree entirely with AAA that you´re on the "safe side" with CME currency futures. i have been trading them - SF, BP, JY & DM (now EC) - since the inception of the IMM in the early 80s.