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  1. This is a good website for currency trading,

    and you know that I know a good site!

    cheers, Viiny
  2. I've never used this site for trading but they used to have pretty good daily commentary, and you didn't have to have an account to acess it. For some reason it stopped a few months ago.
  3. Nothing jumps out at me on the website at all.
  4. Babak


    Yeah Vinny you sure can pick winners!

    By the way, its interesting that shortboy your favourite target of cheerleading made $3965 in 2002 "trading" on the short side. But then $1850 of that came from the interest he collected. That's 47% of his "return" coming from collecting interest.

    Do your own math:
  5. What does this have to do with

    Yeah, Shortboy sucks, you said it right, he only made money EVERY YEAR SINCE 1999!! Can you say the same bozo bababk?

    Funny how you NEVER QUESTION THE TRUTHFULLNESS OF ALL THOSE TRADES OVER THE YEARS THAT SHORTBOY MADE!! Hundreds of profitable trades over the years. The truthfulness never questioned, b/c YOU kNOW he's legit!

    Jealousy rears its ugly head once again

    Vinny Testaverde Gigante

    "the only profitable financial website"
  6. Babak


    Yeah its really tough watching the grass grow and collecting that interest. Then turning around and saying it was trading! :p

    ps Tony Oz already proved that his returns are doctored (better go back to elementary school to brush up on math).
  7. Profitable for whom(?)... Shortboy or the snake-oiled newbies who took the bait?
  8. profitable for EVERYONE! you dolt.

    The guy made money EVERY YEAR since he went online. Do you get it? Every trade he made was REAL, or else bozo's like Bababk would plaster any impropriety ALL over this board. Shortboy made REAL TRADES AND REAL PROFITS !!

    Who else out there has been profitable EVERY year since 1999?
    I thought so. No one besides Shortboy. The guy's the BEST !!

    Vinny Testaverde Gigante
  9. LS,

    I was under the impression that had already been established.
  10. hardrock,

    by the scientific community??
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