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  1. anyone with views on ??

    i wish to hear your thoughts before i waste my time with the demo and or account with them.

    thanks !

    surfer d.
  2. wallaby


    Howzit MS - Probably the best fx trading platform out there. As someone with an fx background I can tell you this is the closest platform you'll get to what is used interbank, ie Reuters or EBS. Its basically an FX ECN where you can bid and ask & you'll see tighter spreads than anywhere else. shows they have more and more banks participating on their platform. Their ECN model is likely to be the future of fx trading.

    Hotspot is not overly mentioned on this site because 100k is the smallest size lot you can do & there are stax of mini-lot traders here. Definitely check out the demo. Can also get some more opinions by searching

  3. the USD is scorching the other majors this am in overseas trading
  4. soros must be shorting again.... (where's the 'gag me' icon?)
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    This time it's me .....:D
  6. thanks for the replies. will download hotspot and check it out !