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    I use it. Been doing so for almost 2 yrs. PM me and I'll give you the heads up on the system and firm. There is alot of misinformation in this thread (and the board as a whole) from people who don't know WTF they are talking about or have ulterior motives in their posts. (one guy who hasn't been with us that long bashes the ECN model in any form, but in another thread sings the praises of his dealing desk/market maker/bucket shop broker.) Anyone who wants the straight-up facts are welcome to PM me as well. Idiots, however, will be ignored.

    It also helps, too, to use the search button on the top right and you can find much of the info you already seek. Hotspot has been discussed here much in the past.
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  2. It takes some adapting to for sure, especially where stops are concerned and there's data due out :)


    Hey cstfx why not post it here in the thread, we may all learn something, and that way you can point out where other people are misinformed!
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