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    What has that got to do with the way marketmakers fill orders? It's not going to change because it simply can't change at these levels.

    Dear Sir

    Each experienced investigator by any country
    would say ,that by any case ,first question


    Did Company have any grounds
    to shut down platform ,order &
    against clients ?

    If company have proprietary trading desk /account ,undertake proprietary trading activities can be only one answer -


    all another are instrumental

    It is not any value disscuss have company
    dealing desk or not .

    First question must be -Is company pure agent of principal ,have not trading desk,proprietary account ,not undertaked proprietary trading activities ?

    All that must be by clients agreement ,not simple public statement

    as from MBT -open public lies .


    MBT Trading

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    To help save time for everyone the MBT spot forex is pure agency.




    MBTF as counterparty -

    ...MBTF and its affiliates may also undertake proprietary trading
    activities ...

    Statement of MB personal by ET ,that MBT is pure agency is lies ...
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  2. Oh my God, I give up!

    None of that explains w-h-y you say it's better to have 4 accounts of $1750 instead, oh forget it, it really isn't that important :)
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  3. ssss


    Oh my God, I give up!

    None of that explains w-h-y you say it's better to, oh forget it, it really isn't that important

    Dear Sir

    Company as MBT public lies from start ,all another questions after ...

    2. Oh my God, I give up!

    None of that explains w-h-y you say it's better to have 4 accounts of $1750 instead, oh forget it, it really isn't that importan

    read Puankare ,J.von Neumann ,Shannon

    How great is chance that all four broker would lies in one time ? How great is chance
    that in one time of great volatility all four
    broker's would shut down your order ?
    How great is chance that in one time all four broker would going with clients money from SIPC not protected account's to Columbia
    or Thailand ?

    Would this chance lower against case with
    put all money to one broker SIPC not protected account

    or higher ?

    Who need,that operator must think only
    in term profit,profit ,profit &
    but not in term risk ,risk ,risk -legal ,technical ,operativ ?

    Best wish ...
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  4. Of course they lie, it's promotional advertising, what 'Steve' at MBT says means nothing, it's what's in the Agreement Contract that's important. If someone is gullible and naive enough to believe all they are told from a salesman or everything they read in an advert then more fool them!

    Most companies indemnify themselves against anything one of their agents says or promises because they know these sales guys will say anything to close a sale!
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  5. Maybe a bit oversimplified, but without a counterparty, for the most part, we would have no trade, in any market, correct?
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    Broker must not to be counterparty ,as have knowledge against clients tactic and behaviar .

    To date exist only by SEC instruments

    AMTD -after selling interess in NITE
    OXPS -but only for stock and options
    not with acitivities through xpresstrade -forex and future ...

    You can read source of income AMTD and OXPS
    by 10-k form by

    Must not have source of income from proprietary trading desk ,only from commisssions ,margin
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  7. That's right, it's the nature of retail by definition, without a buyer and a seller there can't be a trade.

    The problem with retail forex is that banks don't want to deal with the average Joe trading peanuts and complaining all the time because he doesn't understand the market. That leaves a perfect opportunity for someone (marketmakers) to offer a derivative product of the underlying market and a platform to trade it on.
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  8. Apparently my knowledge of the forex market is rudimentary at best. Different brokers(?) use different methods of liquidity?
    Market makers take the opposite side?
    ECN's provide ?
    Sorry for the new guy questions.
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  9. No-one minds questions, definitive answers might be a problem because marketmakers are protective of their business model and don't want to scare potential clients away! The opportunity for 'unsavoury' practices is pretty much unlimited for these brokers, they hold all the aces, but at the same time they need clients otherwise they have no business. Somewhere lies an equitable balance where both broker and trader make money, it's in the broker's (and trader's) interest to find it. Some do, and they provide a valuable product that enables us the small investor to speculate in a market that would otherwise be unavailable, but fair's fair, they will treat a trader the same way the trader treats them to a certain extent.

    There's quite a good discussion on marketmakers vs ECN style brokers which you may find helpful here:
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  10. Thank you, good article. I can't help but compare any broker in any market to bookies. Not to malign any bookies, or should I now refer to them as sports-related wagering liquidity providers?
    I have no defined problems with any brokers, currently. I'm testing both Oanda and FXCM. Both seem to have good features, I'm leaning toward Oanda for the smaller initial deposit, I learned a valuable lesson opening my TS futures account some time back.
    Thanks again,
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