Hotspot for RV? Also how much data will streaming quotes eat?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by birdman, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. birdman


    Anyone try the Verizon Hotspot or AT&T Hotspot or other in their RV? Your thoughts?

    It's said that video streaming eats lots of data if you do it in an RV - which makes sense. Anybody know how say, Ameritrade streaming for 3 hours a day will effect data?
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  2. xandman


    You might want to check out your favorite RV netzine/blog. There are satellite providers tested and vetted for by the RV-ing community.

    With phone networks, just a few miles into the New Mexico desert and you loose your signal fast. Verizon has the strongest signal according to folks in the military.

    And yes, streaming data will eat your phone data budget in a day or two.
  3. Just get the 10gb plan for the first month and see how much you use. If you're not doing video, I think that should be more than enough.
  4. I also recommend vz for data over ATT, I have used both.
  5. Cswim63


    Market data doesn't use that much, um, data. Have you tried T-Mobile? They have unlimited data for 30_bucks. Haven't tried it but want to. I use Verizon on a smart phone and haven't used that much for forex. If you simplify your screen-what,you are watching-that saves data.
  6. wartrace


    Video streaming does eat up the data but market data is hardly anything. My internet is 4G from sprint at my home (too far from town to get cable). I asked this question in another forum and the best answer I could get is market data uses around 200mb per day (per contract) if you stream it constantly. I use ninja trader and the way that is currently set up it did not work well with 4G if it loses connection. If the data feed stopped ninja did not try to reset for some reason. I solved that problem by getting a VPS from speedy trading servers.
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    @wartrace - very informative and very interesting - thanks!
  8. Cswim63


    Pardon my ignorance, but what's a vps and how do I get one?
  9. birdman


    I'll let wartrace comment on the specifics ... it's my understanding you'd order the one he spoke of here as i can see they serve Traders only and not game sites / others. VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server meaning you are on a server along with other clients, as opposed to a dedicated server, where one client is on one server.

    VPS will often out-perform some dedicated - in some instances and for some things. These servers are housed in the companies locations (not your office).

    That's a basic overview and i hope i have spelled that out accurately. My core biz is online advertising and have some experience with servers as they apply to websites / ad networks. I'm not very tech savvy. Tell us what you learn.
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  10. wartrace


    I have my Sprint 4G through a company called "WirelessNwifi" that offers 60gb per month for 90 dollars. It is my only internet connection (other than a 2gb ATT plan I use for backup) and I generally use about 30gb per month which includes 2 hours a night of netflix on low resolution, numerous youtube videos and midget porn...:eek: (just kidding)

    I have never run JUST the data feed for a month to see what it uses but it isn't much. I tend to think the guy that told me 200mb a day is probably pretty close.
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