Hotkeys behavior in new IB version

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rubbles88, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. dlincke


    Of course, clearing the dialog box and then pressing cursor down followed by cursor up will regain row focus, but this takes a lot of time and does not recover lost keyboard input. So why for heaven's sake aren't you willing to finally fix this bug?? I simply can't believe that after a full year we still have to complain about this with absolutely no constructive response from IB.
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  2. Eldredge


    This response leads me to believe that you view this as not really being a problem. When a trader is trying to manage several orders at once, this IS a problem. It is confusing and frustrating. When more than one order is being worked simultaneously, it is not the time to be re-entering information and fighting with TWS. Yes, we work around it all the time, but it is a genuine problem. It would sure be nice to have it fixed.
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  3. add a CTRL or ALT to your hotkey, like CTRL S would be to sell, it would limit errors and would not trigger any orders if you were to type in the S in MSFT or such.
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  4. alanm


    Swoop: That doesn't solve the problem. You can't transmit the order because you don't have the row focus on it.

    I fight with this every day, too. Because a bunch of orders were getting manipulated by the API on the same page, with rows getting inserted and deleted, it took me 3 tries and 15 seconds to get rid of a position, losing a couple ticks in the process.
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  5. flier


    I agree with dlincke and alanm, - losing order line focus is a major problem and bug in TWS. Very annoying. I miss trades because of it, reclicking on orders and re-inputing order info. Order lines should never change focus except when clicked on by the user. Come on IB- FIX IT!

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  6. I hate to dredge up a four year old thread, but I have the same problem and can't find/remember the solution.

    I am plugging in the ole programmable gamepad and setting it to work with my hotkeys. Works great except after you place an order the item you are trading is no longer highlighted, so you need to manually highlight it with the mouse.

    I thought I had the thing working a few years ago, and I don't remember having this problem.

    Anyone have a fix?
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  7. I'm waiting for the guy who'll use his midi keyboard to trade.

    Short ES in E Flat Major Top
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