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  1. Orbitz, Expedia, Howire etc. these services don't really give any discount beyond what you can get by calling the hotel reservations number yourself. Right? Anybody experience anything different? AAA memership is as good as these, how do they get so popular?
  2. Orbitz, Expedia dont but Howire does. i got $200 4star rooms for $79 on a recent trip. only catch is you cant see the name of the motel until you book. if you only book 4 star motels you wont end up in a dive.
  3. Thanks, I want more control over it than that. Some places will get you on the parking. I've seen as much as 48 dollars a night.
    That in a big city.
  4. Mariott sends me emails with an offer of 4 free nights if I apply, get approved and make a purchase with their Chase credit card.
    Well okay, sure I'll do what I do with all my credit cards. Use it but never pay interest because I pay it off every month and collect the 4 free nights. Enter why Elizabeth Warren was appointed

    The terms and conditions says they can change the terms of the offer anytime. They don't explain under what conditions they can
    change them just that they can. Makes me wonder if anyone ever
    got 4 free nights out of that deal.
  5. Yahoo Travel

    For Marriott, I go straight to their website. Click on "more options" when it asks for group memberships and look at everything there. There are more discount groups then most people are aware of.
  6. Can't find more options on their main page. You mean like AAA.
    AAA seems to deliver the best discount where its accepted. Why did you preface with Yahoo Travel? Are you from them?
  7. If you are ok w/ picking an 'area' vs the actual hotel, I've always had great results w/ priceline.

    And to compare I would also check