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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by funky, Feb 5, 2004.

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    hey everyone, i'm gonna catch the shuttle when it launches in september so i wanted to start looking for hotels to stay in. want to run my automation while i'm there, so i need a stable connection to the internet. doesn't have to be high-speed, but stable. what do you suggest?

    ideally, i'd like to have a t-1 or something to plug my wireless router/firewall into so i can move the laptops wherever.....

  2. Why not do a google search using high speed internet, hotel and whichever city you want to stay at as keywords?
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    what do you think i was doing for the past 2 hours? ;)

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  5. I second that Marriott call. There's one in Orlando (near vistana resorts) with an excellent golf course. It's very close to the highway too.
    From there to the Cape will take you an hour ..but getting in and out of the space center is what sometimes takes longest.

    I went a few years ago to a night launch. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

    For more golf , there the International Golf Club which is open to the public. I like that course's less expensive than others nearby and they usuaally have cute cart girls too.:D
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    thanks guys.

    i also noticed i could just use a dialup with a per montly ISP, maybe i'll just do that, so i don't have to worry about the hotel.....

    should be a great show, i agree ;)

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    you will be able to see it from any point according to locals.
    i know pretty good motel right next to disneyland ..$25 per night)))))5 pools,kids eat free)))what a deal)))
  8. If you're in Disneyland you're about 40 miles away from the space center....yes, on a clear day/night you can see it...but you'll really want to be at the space center to get the full experience.

    It's worth the trip.
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    when is launch anyway? i want to have full experience too))
    i been there once somewhere around Christmas time, and they schedule launch,but then-cancel it. we been waiting like till 3AM
  10. I think the next one is in September. Atlantis shuttle.
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