Hotcomm hcr to MPEG file format conversion

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bernard111, May 19, 2005.

  1. How can I convert a recorded hotcomm session (audio and hotcam video) into a MPEG video format?
    I imagine hcr is a proprietary format but I need to replay a session in a PC that cannot install hotcomm.

  2. Splat


    All the hcr file does is record the *text* with text formatting. You cant combine the hcr file with the audio that hotcomm saves.

    If you want to save hotcomm as a video then use a sw such as camtasia ( This will let you save the audio stream and the video stream in a single AVI file.
  3. nkhoi


    record session should be in
    C:\Program Files\1stWORKS\hotCommLite\T'SCRIPTS
    in wav format, windows media should be able to play it.
    pictures to go along with session if any should be in
    C:\Program Files\1stWORKS\hotCommLite\UPLOADS
  4. Thanks to all! I will give a look to Camtasia. :p