"Hot Wheels" worth more than GM

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    Hey its August '08 and Rick just admitted that the SUV market is going away and lease residuals on SUV's would be tough this year. With that kind of progessive thinking I can't imagine why GM is in so much trouble.
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    That's the way it should be as Mattel cars are much more environmentally friendly and fun to drive.

    GM failed to innovate, now GM fails.

    Go Mattel! Soon to expand into pedal cars.
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    if only gm had cars like these in there lineup THEN they mite have a chace at success.
  4. Holy crap, I could almost afford to buy GM myself. Maybe a few of us could pool our money ...

  5. Why would we want to buy a steaming pile of horseshit!

    All the company stock + bond issuance is probably not even worth the commission on such a trade! :D :eek:

    CDS on GM bonds hit an alltime record. Listen to the market.
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    JOEY O

    haha greeeeeat post.
  7. a decade ago, gm had an electric vehicle. at the time gas was dirt cheap and nobody wanted to buy these battery powered cars because even with the tax credits, they were absurdly expensive and weren't practical.

    today, all-electric vehicles still suck. they're still the niche vehicles that they were in 1998. until someone solves the poor energy-to-weight ratio of batteries, they will always suck. hybrids are the future, at least for the next 15 years.
  8. imo nuclear powered cars are the future, each car has it's own mini nuclear reactor and instead of gas stations there are vending machines dispense uranium and plutonium in a candy like fashion.
  9. Nuclear?

    So terrorists can find plenty and cheap radioactive material?

    Stop watching so much Back to the Future II!
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