Hot or NOt Ratings Inflation????

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  1. I was reminded of the hot or not site by Mr. Meat and Cheese.

    Every time I rate a girl on this site, I consistently rate her 1-2 points lower than the average. Am I the only one who does this? Take a look at the site

    So this female friend of mine tried to hook me up with a of hers, whom I thought wasn't attractive enough. So she proceeds to accuse me of being gay cus I didn't want to hook up with this porker, who supposedly 'has a pretty face' and 'most guys think she's gorgeous'. Me? Gay??!!! I'm the epitome of heterosexual male. I exude masculinity...

    Anyway, we get into this whole argument about attractiveness and its rating on a scale of 1 to 10. We couldn't decide if I simply underate girls on a scale of 1 to 10 or most guys accept girls who rate lower on the scale. So I'm curous, does anyone else think the girls on hot or not are getting inflated ratings?

    For example, almost 800 people rated this girl a 7.
    WTF???? 4 at best...
  2. I couldn't help noticing the same thing on my first trip to that site. Certainly any woman showing a little skin gets a very high rating unless she is huge. In real life I believe most guys apply a pass/fail rating system to women they meet.
  3. u doofus.... the 7/out of 10 is a rating for how likely people think she is to take it up the pooper scooper. Thats why Mr Muscles gets an 8!
  4. lol..i'll go with 4, also
  5. She is showing her melons...that always inflates things.
  6. double entendre, Mr. Market style.... nice :cool:
  7. TGregg


    Rats, MrMarket beat me to the proper reply. Oh well.

    Seriously though, it depends on what part of the country (assuming USA) you are from. I've moved from the North to the South, and found that the further South one goes, the better looking the women are. Maybe it's cuz they spend less time huddling around the wood stove, trying to keep warm :D.

    Anyway, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this girl would rate at least an 8, with a bonus point to 9 for hooterage, and up to 10 during the deep, dark, cabin-fever winter (which we are in now). Down in South Carolina, she'd probably rate 4 with a bonus point for display to 5. Maybe even a 6 with those nice high cheek bones.

    Not that any of this really matters. I've met a knockout (now a mostly unknown model) who would open her mouth to reveal that there is only vacuum between her ears. On the other hand, I've been close friends with a somewhat chunky lady that practically every guy drooled over (once they talked to her for a bit). My point is, that still photos are about as good a way to judge women as a coin toss.
  8. Hmmm...good point. I go to college in Austin, Texas, which is not only the south, but reported by Playboy as having the school (U Texas) with the most beautiful women.

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