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Discussion in 'Politics' started by axeman, May 21, 2004.

  1. Hey.... you know that website HotOrNot?

    Check this out:

    ROFLMAOOOOOOO :p :p :p

    Ok ok... who is gonna submit their pic first? LMAOOO :p


  2. you are one gay mother f in cruise queen..

    "i can program so furiously i am a 'genus (sic)'.. lolololol :D

    turn of your puter stud and go freak your blow up dull hahha
  3. Geezuz longshot... your stalking is getting worse!

    You're now the FIRST poster after I post something!!!

    Dude... your SICK in your fu**ing head, you know that?
    Why dont you go give your butt buddy another
    dirty sanches??? ROFLMAOOO :p

    I see your jealous of my coding skills.. you should be.... LOOOSEEEER :p



  4. Ummm...yeah.....I linked to this like 2 months ago...... unless you GOT the link from my site, in which case, Great Link!
  5. Hey...where did you post your pic on it? :p



  6. I didn't....I already know I score a, for all I know it could be there, I think someone once posted my picture on hot or not....but I didn't know about it and there was too many people to search from to find it....
    Amusing, none the less.....
    perhaps you should head over to

    and I'm a virgin, so no, my picture could not be there.....
  7. mark1

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    wtf is going on in Usa? 1 third of the girls are bisexual on those sites :eek: