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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sabena, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. sabena


    Does the trading technology's software offer Hot Keys

    so that one can trade only from the keyboard..??
  2. You probably know that Tradecast (now ameritrade) has great keystroke entry, as does cybertrader (schwab).
  3. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Trading Technologies does offer Hot Keys on their
    trading platform.
    Some of the biggest traders in the world have swithed from the mouse to the keyboard.

    Advanced Futures does offer Hot Keys to their traders.

    Advanced Futures
  4. daxman


    I've been trading Eurex on TT for the last 16 months
    I primarily trade using the mouse, but when last year I played around with a joystick on the system.
    TT has some keys mapped, like ESC for delete all, F1 for buy offer, F10 to sell bid etc.
    I mapped the joystick to those keys and it worked well, but in the end I am just as happy with the mouse
    good luck
  5. o sorry I guess this is about futures.
  6. joystick??!!

    I'm visualizing a trading floor of traders using joysticks.

  7. I'm using Refco Express, trading Eurex DAX.

    There is cool feature in this software: something like command line.

    For example, you type

    "Buy 10 DAX @444400 LMT"

    And as you type this commands, correspondent windows are filled with amounts and words you typed. Often this is more faster. than using mouse!
  8. daxman


    funny as it sounds, if you go down to the Chicago Mercantile exchange floor, I think about 40 some traders use joysticks everyday

    one day sega baseball, the next day eminis