Hot key for Hard Stop??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gohstrader, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Since I can't get an answer from IB, do any of you intelligent guys know how I can have an automatic hard stop of "x" amount of ticks for the ER and the NQ?

    If I have to use hotkeys thats fine, but would like it to be set when I place the trade.

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    This is currently not supported, but it is in the works, and might be available with TWS 879
  4. Thanks Guys aprreciate it.
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    I think you can put hard stop "x"ticks away for contractor. I trade manually, I use bracket order extensively.

    1. first go to global setting--> order default--> FUT, right click--> add ticker symbol(i.e, YM).
    2. click YM, change default setting for YM, change stop and trail as you need, for example, stop 15, trail 10.
    3. add other ticker as needed, ie. ER2, change stop and trail as you wish.
    4. create one shortcut for both YM or ER2 with bracket order and auto trailing stop order.
    5. you can open booktrader and config mouse click with desired action, for example, right click to send trailing stop order. this is my favorite way.

    hope this will help.

  6. You can do that in ButtonTrader....a 3rd party frontend.