Hot Hunks On CNBC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Nov 6, 2002.

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    Hot Hunks on CNBC....
    Any of you gals out there have an opinon?
    I go apeshit for Mark Haines.
  2. I'm sure Aphie has a favorite CNBC hunk.....
  3. is this for real
  4. they have guys on CNBC??

    i thought the point was to get traders (usually guys) to watch...

    ...isn't that why most of their heads are foxy ladies??
  5. bobcathy1

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    I am not a guy. And I know a pile of female day traders in my little town in the Florida Keys. Not all women sit around and knit you know:D :) :D :) :cool: :cool:
  6. There are NONE, since Bob Sellers moved over to FOX. He's got the Pierce Brosnan look: lean and fine...
  7. KavMan


    Mark Haines?


    Isn't he 70 something years old?

  8. Far out! Nice that we have some ladies in the business. Too much sausage isn't good for anyone. :D
  9. bobcathy1

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    Well, I am 48 and I admire brains more than youth. Trading is not a sport only for young men! Some of my trading buddies collect Social Security.
  10. If this thread indeed is real . . . . . Mark Haines of all people?? :eek:

    The guy shifts in his chair like he's nursing a case of hemmorhoids from watching the futures all morning.
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