Hot Earnings Next Week (AAPL, NFLX, SBUX)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FreakofNature, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. In my opinion, trading earnings is a total gamble, and very unpredictable, unless you betting on a large move or no move (volatility play).

    Well, if you disagree or agree post your BEFORE THE FACT play here, see how we all do.

    My calls

    AAPL buy premium (both sides)

    NFLX sell premium (both sides)

    SBUX ( I own the stock, staying long)

    They all report next week so now it's the time to share views and calls.

    Again, before the fact, don't be a classic ETers and tell us your amazing winnings after the large move :)
  2. I'll play. Long NFLX calendar straddle @1.65 mid:

    -1 NFLX APR4 175 call
    -1 NFLX APR4 175 put
    +1 NFLX MAY1 175 call
    +1 NFLX MAY1 175 put
  3. hajimow


    I would buy NFLX weekly 170 Call :D.

    I believe NFLX would go up 30% or more on earning day.
  4. 33% in AH trading
  5. lwlee


    Ouch, why would you do this?

    The verdict on House of Cards ($100 million endeavour) was going to be a mover for this stock, whether up or down.

    By the way, love the series. Watch the entire thing in almost a straight session. Good shyt :D