Hot Aussie track starrrr

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  1. I was hoping they wouldn't start the race just so I could watch her warm up more...

    HOLY SH*T this girl is freakin HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a body, what an a**, what an amazing set of t*ts, and my goodness, she is beautiful to look at, and her moves are killer !!!!!

    oh yeah, she is a real competitive athlete on top of it all :cool:
  2. !!!!!!!!

  3. Cooter action at 13 secs
  4. pma


    She is so full of life-very sexy!
  5. nursebee


    Sounds like she is causing all kinds of false starts...
  6. r-in


    Wow, thought it was a fake while she was warming up and do the hip shake, but it is real. Women's track and field is moving up next to Women's beach volleyball!
    I gotta go take care of something :D
  7. I thought it was fake too at first.