Hospitals See $16 Billion Windfall Under Health-Care Reform

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  2. Trash at the top and trash at the bottom slashing away at the middle class.

    Soon all we'll have left are white trash and black trash on welfare and a broke middle class.
  3. the insurance industry made an investment in republican legislators that looks like it will pay off big. it looks like they not only stopped reform but were able to lock a captive customer who has no ability to stop purchasing their product no matter how high they raise the cost.,0,6925890.story

    Healthcare insurers get upper hand
    Obama's overhaul fight is being won by the industry, experts say. The end result may be a financial 'bonanza.'
    Reporting from Washington - Lashed by liberals and threatened with more government regulation, the insurance industry nevertheless rallied its lobbying and grass-roots resources so successfully in the early stages of the healthcare overhaul deliberations that it is poised to reap a financial windfall.
  4. It's about time the middle majority woke up and realized the enemy isn't hiding in some god forsaken cave in Afghanistan.

    They're right here living next to you. The worst of them purvey the daily BS as news on the Fox network.

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    The republicans did it.
    The democrats did it.
    The truth is. They both did it.
    Whatever "it"is.
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    that is normal for a 3rd world country. who else but the middle class obeys the laws and tries to do the right things.
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    health care is the one thing u can't get even if u pay for it.
  8. republicans ruined the deficit, thus the country
  9. Well at least we have our fantastic and honest democrats fixing the deficit.

    Wait a second...
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    I will never get tired of his commentary.
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