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  1. Stock symbol RXH is for the Morgan Stanley Health Care Provider index. You might notice the low price consolidation beginning about August 2007 near the low price of the prior 1, 2, and 3 years.

    It is as though insiders are not buying the stock and quietly selling on rallies.

    I examine the charts for individual hospitals:

    Tenet Healthcare Corporation THC
    MedCath Corporation MDTH
    Universal Health Services, Inc. UHS
    Health Management Associates, Inc. HMA
    Community Health Systems CYH
    LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. LPNT
    RehabCare Group, Inc. RHB
    SunLink Health Systems, Inc. SSY

    Hospitals are probably one of the weakest groups in the marketplace now, almost as weak as banks and security brokerages.

    I can not find any direct link between hospitals, banks and brokers but there might be loans to hospitals or investments in hospitals.

    What happens if a hospital needs money right now and the banks or securities brokers are not able to finance the operation of the hospital?
  2. Here's your answer:

    FWIW - this is a hospital closing in Bergen County, New Jersey - where million dollar homes are nothing at all. Can you believe it?