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    Cavel, International plans to reopen its horse slaughter plant in DeKalb. The plant burned two years ago and has been closed ever since. The Illinois Senate voted yesterday in favor of banning horse slaughter.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE SURE THE BAN GOES THROUGH! It must still be voted on in the House and the Governor must sign it into law. Please contact your state representative and tell them you do NOT want horses having their throats cut in your backyard. Tell them to follow the fine example of other states in banning slaughter forever.

    Some facts:

    In 2002, according to USDA records 42,312 horses were killed for human consumption in the United States alone. In addition, many thousands of live horses were transported across the borders to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. After these horses are killed, their meat is shipped to Europe and Asia for human consumption. A small percentage of the meat, that is deemed not fit for human consumption, is sent to zoos and rendering plants.

    Horsemeat is not eaten in the U.S.; it is exported to serve specialty "gourmet" markets overseas. The largest markets are France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, and Italy.

    How do horses end up at slaughterhouses?

    According to The Humane Society of The United States, most horses destined for slaughter are sold at livestock auctions or sales. Stolen Horses International, Inc. states that stolen horses also often end up at slaughterhouses. A slaughterhouse, or auction that killer buyers frequent, is an easy way for horse thieves to get quick money for stolen horses.

    The cruelty of horse slaughter is not limited to the act of killing the animals. Horses bound for slaughter are shipped, frequently for long distances, in a manner that fails to accommodate their unique temperaments. Often, terrified horses and ponies are crammed together and transported to slaughter in double-deck trucks designed for cattle and pigs. The truck ceilings are so low that the horses are not able to hold their heads in a normal, balanced position. Inappropriate floor surfaces lead to slips
    and falls, and sometimes even trampling. Some horses arrive at the slaughterhouse seriously injured or dead.

    How are the horses killed?

    Under federal law, horses are required to be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, usually with a device called a captive bolt gun, which shoots a metal rod into the horse's brain. Some horses, however, are improperly stunned and may still be conscious at the time of slaughter. They are hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut, or they are shot repeatedly with the bolt gun.

    A few states (California, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia) have laws that are intended to prevent some of these abuses. After California passed its law against slaughter and the transport of horses for slaughter, horse theft declined by more than 30% and continues to decline every year.

    For more information:

    Rescue Network

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    I don't think this thread will be as lengthy as the one on the Leader, Mav.:D
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    Shit, I didn't even know this was on the Leader. I'll have to check it out. LOL.
  4. That doesn't seem to me to be banning horse slaughter.

    What's your position on this, Mav?
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    I find this situation a disgrace. Slitting the throat of a horse and letting it bleed to death so some POS Frenchman can enjoy a gourmet meal makes me sick. And what's even worse is some of these horses are actually stolen from private owners. They are in good health usually and the meat goes for a premium.

    Horses are considered domesticated animals like dogs and cats and I really find it appalling that they are abused in this fashion so some elite European snob can enjoy a meal. What, is there not enough fish in the Mediterranean for him to eat? So yeah, I guess I would say I am against the torture, abuse and ruthless killing of horses for human consumption. I guess that is where I stand on the issue.
  6. Mav,

    I love horses and if I were the rule maker they would not be put down or slaughtered for human consumption, but isn't it a little hypocritical to scream "disgrace" when its probably been only a few hours since the last time you ate meat? Unless of course you think as that lil pig in Animal Farm did when he stated that "All animals are created equal, except some more equal than others"?
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    Ahh, but Joe you are assuming I eat meat. Shouldn't you ask me if I'm a meat eater first before you ask me about poor little piggies? :(
  8. Right, I'm assuming. So am I wrong?
  9. ______________________________________

    Are you?

    No offense, as we agree on a great deal of other things.

    This issue is very big and complicated. I don't have time right now to elaborate but will later.
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    Joe, my diet consists of 100 leaves of lettuce, 10 berries, an apple, two glasses of water, 10 oz of peanuts, two fig leaves, half an apple, a couple of joints, one Heineken and a nice warm bowl of soup. :D
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