Horse Shit!

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  1. Many of the fertilizer stocks, such as POT (Stoney, where are you?), have prices that are irrationally exuberant.

    IMO of course.

    One such example


    P/E 160.3x
    P/Tangible book (MRQ) 5.3x
    P/Cash Flow (TTM) 25.7x
  2. I used to drop in once in awhile on yahoo POT esp on 420 and read the boards. Then off to FLI and PHEL the helicopter stocks.
  3. I've owed POT in retirement accounts since the early '90's....I have it from split adjusted $6. By far one of my great performers over the years. Can't see ever selling for any reason.
  4. Christ, can we say 30 to one! That's obviously the POT I should've been spending my money on.
  5. topdown


    Money isn't everything. 29 to 1 and a big ol' sack ain't too bad either. :cool:
  6. :eek:
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    haha i've got agu paired against another fertilizer and trade the may well be my best pair :D
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    Wow, you were sucking wind from about 1998 to 2003, way to hang in there!