Horrible Quarter For Rimm - Getting Crushed In The Afterhours Session

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by retaildaytrader, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. This is just another sign of a technology top. I cant wait for the conference call. I bet that call is going to be just as disappointing as the horrible earnings. Maybe they might blame it on the weather during the earnings confessional call.
  2. not only will they blame it on the weather, the market will actually accept the excuse. RIMM +10% Thur!
  3. Illum


    They see a buyer at 66 and jam it to 70. Wild percentage moves. Anyone trade things like this after hours? I couldn't stomach it.
  4. RIMM goes kaboom and the futures are actually up after hours. Amazing.
  5. I tried to short this b***h but idiots are actually pushing it up after it disappoints on earnings like things are going to get any better going forward especially with Verizon to start selling the Iphone in its stores, I have a blackberry but it's by default, if there had been and Iphone available on the Verizon network (my provider) it would have been a no brainer that I would have choose an Iphone, RIMM has been good to me in the past but this sh** is going down, some market maker is clearly holding it up while he exists his position look for RIMM to continue to trade down over the next week back to the key level of $68