Horrible Job Numbers-but only 4.9% unemp.

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  1. Lets see how they spin it.
  2. The economy crumbles under its own weight and the markets want to trade up.

    Dont fight this, but wait until you see the whites of their eyes. Sniper style.
  3. 4.9 unemployment is about as opposite of "crumbling under its own weight" as the employment picture can be.
  4. its because people are leaving the workforce. just not looking for work, ie working from home, eg trading, ebay, licking envelopes.
  5. Plus, an economy adding jobs at an annualized rate of over 2 million has to be, I would add, "seriously in trouble."

  6. .....well... we have 320K new jobless claims avg every week, meaning we are losing over 15 million a year? ok many get back to work, but many are still unemployed and are not counted after the benefits expire...

    ...makes you wonder what the true unemployment rate is...

    Released on 9/1/05 For wk 8/27 2005
    New Claims, Level
    Actual 320K
    Consensus 315K
    Consensus Range 308K to 325K

    First-time jobless rose 3,000 to 320,000 in the August 27 week, pushing the four-week average up 1,250 to 316,750.
  7. These are typically low paying jobs, but who cares, believe what you want.
  8. This is what I occasionally have an uneasy feeling about. While the numbers may be valid, I would really like to see their underlying and comparative composition with previous periods. Are any such comparative statistics available?
  9. compensation comes in other forms besides gross pay.

    the demand for labor indicates that whatever people are being put to work to do, they are doing a darn lot of it.
  10. Look all im saying is people are making far less than they did in the 95-01 period. Lots of jobs are retail ie low paying and the like ie labor.

    If housing prices didnt increase in the US there would be unestimable suffering.
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