Hormone drives sexy women to infidelity, says study

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  1. Indeed it seems there is definitely one category of women that are likely to cheat (you or with you) and another who will need a lot of very good reasons to cheat. Maybe it has to do with hormones.
  2. so basically they're saying that more attractive women are more likely to cheat. wow, another "NO DUHHH!" study. anyone who has more options is more likely to cheat or be inclined to look "for something better".

    btw, what's the male equivalent of this hormone because i think i have gobs of it :D
  3. karol88


    yes, but now there is an excuse (backed by 'scientific' data):
    "sorry hun, it's my hormones acting up"
  4. Just a fancy way of saying being a slut is genetic.
  5. Arnie


    When I was a very young man, a friend told me that ALL women were whores. You just have to know the price. :D
  6. Nice call. What did (s)he have to say about men?
  7. We have two driving forces that determines much of our behaviour ..


    We seek to move away from pain.

    Or, toward pleaseure.

    it's not our fault :(
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