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    I'm a small trader, and I'm going to use this journal to post my trades, biases, my thoughts about the market, and my thoughts about particular stocks. I will post some of my trades in real time. I trade SPY, TNA, and TZA quite alot, but I also trade stocks with good volume (ADV 1m/day). I prefer stocks priced between $20-80, but I am open to other stocks as well.

    Others may join in with their own real-time trades and their own thoughts about the market and thoughts about the direction of particular stocks. Feel free. In fact, feel encouraged!

    Through this venture, I hope to learn to hold for the longer moves, among other things.

    And at the end of the day, I simply hope to be green. Well, actually I hope to at least make a living at this. I could probably get by on $100/day, although I'm hoping for double that for a more comfortable living. $300 - 400 per day (or more) consistently would be awesome to me.

    I typically trade small size (100 shares frequently, although occasionally I go crazy). So this means that I do not pare in or pare out typically.

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    When is the next time SPY will make a daily higher high and lower low? Ahh, that is the question.
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    Semis still near their lows, even as SPY pops.


    I want to short SPY, but looking for a good entry.

    TNA 5m chart, looks like it might be targeting 45.62.

    SPY 15m chart looks strong at the moment.

    Waiting for a setup.
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    Looks like SPY may be ready for another up-move here on the 5-minute. i guess I don't really trust it though. I'll pass on this one long.

    <img src="http://i1233.photobucket.com/albums/ff390/Hopewell3/111117tna1049.png">
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    oops, wrong chart, sorry. Will post more tomorrow.
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    "If emotion is in your trade, it is a wrong trade."

    I'm not sure who said this, but I think it was Mike Bellafiore in his book "One Good Trade".
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    This quote simply reminds me to always play small. When I play larger size than I should, I get scared and it makes me exit at the wrong time, whether for a loss, or to lock in a tiny profit. So I like to aim to play small.
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    Looking for the next 5-min buy setup here.

    <img src = "http://i1233.photobucket.com/albums/ff390/Hopewell3/111118spy1151.png">
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    In at 122.07. Stop at 121.91
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    Out -.16
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