Hope you're not short ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by taodr, May 1, 2003.

  1. taodr


    Right now looks like it could open 5 points higher, someone's gonna get fucked.
  2. make that about 12 handles now...this is a perfect example of why people trading on 500 dollar margins or the firms that provide them are a huge accident waiting to happen...pretty likely a good number of those traders are net debit right now...
  3. Uh..that would be me. Short that is (not net debit).

    Fortunately I'm a swing trader so a 5 pt swing wouldn't be too unusual for me. Just went and hedged myself with SPYs. When are they going to open this thing back up?
  4. lundy


    heres my theory on it:

    the cme is manipulating the market by closing the minis, and using the pit to drive the market up.

    stocks will follow the pit, and somebody is unloading big into stocks...

    i think by the time the minis open, we'll be right back where we started.

    the longs and the shorts will miss out on all that action.
  5. mad_max


    Latest word: Globex to reopen at 13:45 EDT and trading to resume at 14:15 EDT.
  6. taodr


    It's really outrageous bullshit. One of these days they will change the rules and small players will get squeezed out these markets as well. Just announced will open 3.15
  7. mad_max


    Yeah, it's 3:15. I heard the news from a guy in Chicago and forgot to adjust.

  8. i agree 100%

    lotsa selling in stocks right now...

    when globex opens, the whole thing is gonna collapse to the downside...
  9. taodr


  10. its ok guys..i`m sure they will make good on all the money you lost (if any) because of the technical problems.. :D
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