Hope this post fits in here but are there any Virgos out there

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by TheFoot, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. TheFoot


    I'm always over analyzing stuff.
    Everything I do, everything i did, things I'm gonna do. I cant help it cause I am a Virgo and we tend to analyze everything. So it got me thinking. Since this game of trading is based very heavily on analysis I wonder if there is a larger than normal number of virgos in here. I know Warren Buffet is a Virgo. Just looked that up today so that's interesting. Curious to see who in here is also.
  2. You can't be a Virgo. They don't believe in that astrology nonsense.
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  3. oshjdf


    Analyzing during building and testing a system is okay, but not during trading. You are not supposed to be thinking during trading and just execute. Something is definitely wrong in your trading system if you are analyzing/thinking during trading.
  4. Stop believing in these BS. There are many Geminis who over analyse things and many Virgos who are not analytical at all (like believing in horoscopes).

    I think Astrology trading suits you, might want to look at it.
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  5. orbit23


    It's natural to think. Our mind is always looking to buy into something.

    Start meditating/practicing mindfulness, which is basically quieting the mind.

    If you want to (day)trade you will either have to change or you are guaranteed to fail. You seem to define yourself as a Virgo("can't help it"). Change, adapt and overcome or fail.

    Or if you deem the thinking to be your advantage/edge/strength, build upon it. Buffet is not trading. He is reading papers and investing the money for the long run.

    Can't help myself but post this meme.