HOPE is the worst feeling

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  1. I have found that hope is the worst feeling of them all for a day trader. You have to be fast flexible and leave nothing to hope. Nothing at all. Shoot first ask questions later.
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    It almost pays to be depressed :)
  3. Look before you shoot. Fool.
  4. "Hope is the last thing a person does before they are defeated."

    Henry Rollins
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    On a more serious note I do agree. Hope is bullshit..just do it.

    When someone says "I think so" I know they will at least give it some effort.

    When someone says "I will", if they have any integrity they will break their neck to do it.

    When someone says "I hope so" I put no faith in that individual and that they will do what they say. I had this rule long before Obama came around, and it's saved me from working with some real class a underachievers.

    Looking at Obama's track record since he came into the WH, it's pretty obvious what "HOPE" gets you.

    My grandfather used to have a great saying about "Hope"...Hope in one hand and shit in the other...see which one is full (ie nothing gets done without action, and hope is an actionless emotion for most people have, for example over something you have no control over...I HOPE my next surgery goes well, I HOPE the sun doesnt explode tomorrow and wipe us all out..but I'm pretty powerless with that emotion)

  6. Thank God!! I thought someone would miss this opportunity to Obama bash. As usual right winger opens a thread then another tells him how great a thread it is. Hi five to everyone, so predictable
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    As usual a hopeless Obama romantic will defend him no matter what he does!

    This really doesnt have too much to do with Obama, I didnt like Bush either and most of the people I've ever voted for in my life are Democrats. I was even on the Johnson County Democrats Neighborhood advisory board for 3 1/2 years.

    Another problem with America is that we seem to see everything from the view of PARTY and not ETHICS.

    If you are a republican or a democrat and you, you should be held to a standard of ethics. We as a people have started letting the people in our own parties get off the hook with all kinds of shit, while freaking out over the slightest thing from the other side. (For example the self rightous republicans who are so "upset" that Obama would dare show respect to a foreign leader by (gasp! bowing to him) (on a side note Obama is showing us his true self right now by LYING ABOUT (Dont believe your own eyes people!) vs just sayng "Messed up, sorry..we have more important things..lets move on) but those same people who's panties are all up in a wade don't seem to care at all that Bush held his hand (that was obviously different..he was their guy!). It's stupid. Right is right, wrong is wrong..but we seem to have forgotten that somewhere along the road.

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    I hope Brandon one day learns to stay on topic as he is fast and flexible and leaves nothing to hope, so let’s shoot him first, then ask questions latter.

    Awww, just kiddin’

    :D :p
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    Hope has no place in trading. If you have that feeling with a trade then you probably are past where you should have gotten out. Get out ASAP and move on.
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    I think I was on topic..hope is a terrible feeling, it's the feeling of the powerless.
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