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  1. One of my friends works in a rehab centre for problem gambers. The following is an equity curve that he obtained from an trader whos family booked him into the rehab centre for help. I have no idea whether it is legit or not but i was sent it by him so i suppose it is. For all u ppl who think that ur crap traders. have hope
  2. are you a noob ?

  3. hahaha yeah i was once. and seth my first account did look like that, except much worse.

    Only difference is I did it twice.This guy apparently did it 15 different times
  4. typical chart of those that dont reduce thier position size when takin' hit after hit.
    this shite is completely avoidable.
  5. If ur interested this is the equity log of my first account

    (this was index cfd's on $1 per tick)

    if you wonder what the big drop in the middle was due to, i fully believed that the market would rally strongly over teh next few days. I overleveraged massively and went everything went wrong, i simply bet more, it hurt so much towards the end that i had to exit my position. The drop towards the end was when i was manically inclined to regain my past losses.

    lol id be interested in seeing the equity curves of ur first accounts :p

    And i stopped tradign when i recieved my first margin call.
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    All you need in trading is consistency, it doesn't really matter if it is a winning or losing one, because:

    If the guy did that 15 or so times, he is a pretty consistant loser, all he need is somebody who takes the opposite side of his trades with 10 times bigger capital....
  7. Do you really have nothing better to do then play with excel and try to create an urban legend?
  8. i use traderXL for my analysis of markets. I use my broker's WebIress software to carry out trades. Hence the use of excel spreadsheets to display equity curves.

    For backtesting i call my friend up who manages his own fund (ahh my old apprentice) and get his guys to backtest for me, takes about half a day to code and backetst any strat i can think of and certainly beats coding it myself. However it needs to be crystal clear with the rules as after all it does cost him money to run those damn programmers.

    Hence no need for any other software other than excel and a web browser, which is precisely why all those graphs are in excel.

    i'm sorry if the equity curve doesnt fit towards your high standards of using the best software. Unfortunately using the best software doesnt guarentee your success in this buisness and you are a prime example of it.