Hope & Change Awards 2009

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  1. 'Hope and Change Awards©' 2009

    Best Fictional Drama of of the Year: The Barack Obama Stimulus Plan

    Best Performance by an Actor: Barack Obama

    Best Performance by an Actress: Barney Frank

    Best Supporting Actor: Harry Reid

    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Pelosi

    Best Technical Adviser: Karl Marx

    Best Supporting Groups: ACORN, CPUSA, Congress

    Best Cinematography: Main Stream Media

    Best Adaptation: Silence of the Lambs

    Best Music: 'Obama, Obama, Messiah Obama'

    Best Song: 'Its Only Just Begun' performed by Barack Obama

    Best Staging: Invesco Field 'The Appearance of the Messiah'

    Best Lighting Director: Barack Obama "A light will shine down"

    Best Effects: Barack Obama "This is the day the oceans will begin to lower"

    Best Boy: Phil Donahue

    Best Slogan: 'Yes We Can'

    Best Audience Response: 'I felt this tingle in my leg and then my shoes were wet' Chris Matthews

    Best Nude Scene: Helen Thomas giving Harry Reid a Lap Dance

    Best Science Fiction Documentary: 'Al Gore Inconvenient Truth'

    All Rights Reserved: CPUSA©
    Communist Party USA
  2. Lucrum


    Gawd dammit Hap, you made me spit my drink all over my desk.

  3. Thanks, but I think the CP may have gotten it wrong in the Best Supporting Actor category - George Soros instead?

    And Bill Maher and Cornell Agricultural School graduate Olbermann deserve some recognition, don't you think?
  4. Helen Thomas giving Reid a lap dance.:eek: A frighting image I will now have to live with. Thanks for nothing.:D
    Comrades Olberman & Maher are certainly deserving of honorable mention, and lets not forget the grand master of useful idiots in the media, Comrade Cronkite. He gets the Lifetime achievement award.
  5. Pure BS...........

    Best Supporting Actor should have gone to John McCain.
  6. Haps...what's with the cut and paste all of a sudden? This would be funny if you actually wrote it.

    You're starting to remind me of Yannis. BTW: where did that guy go after the election...much like Jayford...and Pabst even to some extent.

  7. Hey Doc, what, I can't post articles or things like this that crack me up?

    Sorry it doesn't meet your criteria for humor.

    Lighten up, man...