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  1. reading on ET, it seems as though when most describe their fear of blowing out, it always entails their hoor leaving them, or having money to keep their hoor happy... it's almost as though that is their greatest fear underlying the blowout...

    i know that to some, my views regarding this issue may be rather unorthodox, but if she will leave you because you lost money, then who wants her? i mean, what does that say about what your wallet mean to her? What pimp will want her?? furthermore why doesn't she share any of the responsibility for creating wealth with her skills? are you just some sex machine? i understand having drawbacks about being with a lazy person who has no desire to work and lacks ambition altogether, but having to be fearful of your hoor leaving you because you are legitimately trying to make money and fail at a venture seems like a masochistic arrangement... i mean, success is 90% failure, and most VERY wealthy people have gone broke intermittently before creating serious wealth anyhow... and these women, wtf?! treating men as if they are some indentured beast of burden, instead of a person who is their sugar daddy/lover/ATM... i don't know it's just beyond me how you guys live life like this...Like WTF, just buy another hoor and have threesomes during the slow period after the market opens!!!
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    women have been that way since the time of the apes... strength and power to feed them and there child and protection THEN-----> NOW wealth and political power is in vogue.

    you can be as ugly as hell but have money or a confiedent SOB with attidute.. this will give you all the females mates you want.
  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL a prodigy!!!!!!
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    I take it you don't have a girlfriend, Master Bateman? Or a spellchecker...
  5. Ed Gein said about women, "When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants me to be real nice and sweet and treat her right."

    Do you know what the other part thought?
  6. whos that hot guy behind her?
  7. Talk to your local pimp he will explain how to handle them. It is real simple.

  8. please learn how to spell whore.
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    you ass... learn how to get a better degree :D
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    An old debate:
    Richard Rowlands, A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence (Antwerp, 1605)
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