Hookup in NY w/ Ramoutar 4/9 or 4/16

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    I have received PMs and emails from many of you here on ET. I'm looking at 4/9 or 4/16 (both Fridays), when I have some other friends coming in. If you make it before the close we can bet on the closing price of the NDX. It would be nice to talk trading, take shots at one another face to face and buy shots for one another :))), break bread at a good restaurant with cocktails and drive back home at 50mph in the right lane.

    Baron, check out priceline and come on up. :p

    Let me know here, PM or jai@tradingscience.com .

    I'll have a better handle on the date tomorrow or Tues.
  2. Are you condoning DUI/DWI?


    LMAO! ABSOLUTly not, LB. I believe the NYS troopers are now looking for high "BVCC" (blood-vitamin "C" content) levels. I like to drink cranberry juice and orange juice :)

    Let me know if you're coming, I'll be sure to have my driving license / records ready for your inspection, so you can post my speeding tickets on ET :eek: !
  4. Count me in.
    When you have a definite date, time and place, let me know.
  5. Can I bring a buddy, or is it for ETrs only? Any idea of where to eat and drink yet?

  6. You have a very "dry" sense of humor. I'll pass on the license.


    Cool Pete. Look forward to seeing you.


    Folks...many indicated thru email, they'd like to a "shot at me face-to-face" :)

    My trading office is not "that" large, but if you'd still like to get together with us after trading hours, send me a PM or email and I'll let you know where will be for dinner if you'd like to meet there. The date is 4/16. I'll by the first round of OJ and cranberry ;)


    After a some time at Nanuet trading floor, we will meet at:

    Fraunces Tavern

    A very historic establishment founded in 1762, and the "oldest Wall Street watering hole." 1st to Harry's at Hanover square (which closed 2 months ago) I frequented this place in my ealier Wall Street days.




    - Where the 1st Continental Congress met
    - George Washington gives farewwll to his troops
    - April 16, 2004...Elite Members meet, eat, drink and talk the market

    Please PM or email me if you intend on being there, I may need to reserve a private room.
  10. I have not been at FRAUNCES TAVERN in ages ...

    and never with a group of traders .... cool idea ....
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